red oak capital
intermediate income fund, llc

reg a+ tier ii bond

ROIIF is currently in process of filing and qualification of a required new offering circular for this Fund.  As such, no securities can be subscribed for, nor any funds accepted, until further notice.  Please go to to see our filings and copies of the preliminary offering circular for this future offering.

Red Oak is currently raising capital for Red Oak Capital Intermediate Income Fund, LLC which will provide investors with the opportunity to purchase bonds backed by senior position, short-term, income producing commercial real estate assets.





Key Terms & Structure Attributes

ISSUER Red Oak Capital Intermediate Income Fund, LLC
OFFERING TARGET $75 Million - Regulation A+, Tier II Bond
INVESTOR QUALIFICATIONS General Solicitation – 10% of Your Net Worth or Annual Income; Whichever is Greater
MATURITY 11/30/25
INTEREST PAYMENT Paid quarterly in arrears, January 25, April 25, July 25 & October 25
TAX 1099-INT
OFFERING Regulation A+, Tier II
REPORTING Audited annual financials, semi-annual financial reporting, quarterly notices & portfolio snapshots
CREDIT FACILITY May use credit facility to bridge operational cash flows

Unique Solutions for Core Lending and Bond Funds

Join Greenrock Research’s Kevin Malone and Red Oak Capital’s Raymond Davis for a candid discussion as they analyze the best loan practices in achieving the optimal lending strategy for money market funds and two-year bonds with reasonable yields. They will go in depth into Red Oak’s unique solutions for core lending and bond funds, their role as first position lenders, and their success with their two-year 6% fixed income bond product. Learn tips on how to add income to your portfolio using the Red Oak Capital Intermediate Income Fund two-year bond product.


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