Trade Date Calendar

Monthly Dealing Dates

Monthly Closing Trade Date Settle Date
November 2020 11.18.2020 11.20.2020
December 2020 12.18.2020 12.22.2020
January 2021 01.19.2021 01.21.2021
February 2021 02.18.2021 02.22.2021
March 2021 03.18.2021 03.22.2021
April 2021 04.19.2021 04.21.2021
May 2021 05.20.2021 05.24.2021
June 2021 06.18.2021 06.22.2021
July 2021 07.20.2021 07.22.2021
August 2021 08.20.2021 08.24.2021
September 2021 09.20.2021 09.22.2021
October 2021 10.20.2021 10.22.2021
November 2021 11.18.2021 11.22.2021
December 2021 12.17.2021 12.21.2021


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